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The Ibis Bike Demo 2021





The Ibis Bike Demo 2021 at Alpine Bike Works is coming up soon!

Coming up from August 14th through the 15th take advantage of a one-of-a-kind chance to demo our premium bikes! Come see us at the store and take them out for a spin on the local trails! We’ll have Ibis Ripley’s and Ripmo’s available to try out, so if you’re thinking about buying a bike but you’re on the fence, August 14th-15th is the time to swing by and take a ride.
  1. Need a helmet for the ride? We can provide them. 
  2. Demo rides are two hours max, and our demo bikes are supplied on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  3. Proof of ID and demo waiver sign-off required
What is a bike demo? It’s a chance for you to test out a bike for up to 2 hours on the local trails.
What bikes will be available to demo? The Ibis Ripmo and Ripley.
Do you take appointments to demo the bikes? We do not, we only demo the bikes on a first-come, first-served basis.
Dates: Aug 14th through 15. We will have four demo bikes from both Ibis Ripley and Ripmo. First-come first-served.
Demo times and returns:
Times are 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.
10:00 demos must be returned by 1:30 PM.
2:00 demos must be returned by 5:30 PM.
Get a feel for the Ibis Ripley and Ripmo
on an extended test ride.
Here’s a shot of our first demo selection,
the Ibis Ripley in all of its majestic glory.
From the Ibis Website:


The Ripley is our snappy, flickable, playful, fast, lightweight, and versatile 29” trail bike.

Its combination of modern geometry, a stiff lightweight carbon chassis, and 120mm of ultra efficient dw-link travel, means it’s equally happy popping off bonus lines as it is crushing all day epics.


With its well bal­anced mod­ern geom­e­try, the Rip­ley is ready for any adven­ture. The long front end, slack head angle, and short rear end gives you the con­fi­dence to try new lines, while the steep seat tube angle and short­er off­set fork makes it easy to maneu­ver tech­ni­cal climbs and flowy singletrack.



Since 2005, we’ve part­nered with sus­pen­sion guru Dave Wea­gle on the dw-link sus­pen­sion plat­form. It pro­vides an unpar­al­leled com­bi­na­tion of climb­ing effi­cien­cy and down­hill per­for­mance, that has been proven repeat­ed­ly at the high­est lev­els of racing.


Our second demo selection, the immensely popular Ibis Ripmo in Carbon.

From the ibis website:


What if we took everybody’s favorite bike and made it a little slacker and little longer? Hell, what if we made it more progressive and coil compatible? And that’s exactly what we did for the Ripmo V2. Active ingredients include: 29” wheels, berm-defying cornering tendencies, and a love for long rides.


The Rip­mo and Rip­mo AF share the same steep, 76-degree seat tube angle and a rangy but not stratos­pher­ic reach, which places rid­ers cen­tral­ly over the ped­als. It makes for an effi­cient posi­tion that can go the long haul. The slack 64.9 head­tube angle and 44mm reduced-off set fork doesn’t wan­der while climb­ing, and doesn’t hold you back descend­ing. It works — all day up, all day down, all day in between.


Our cus­tom tuned front and rear sus­pen­sion fea­ture extra light high speed com­pres­sion and rebound damp­ing to deliv­er unpar­al­leled trac­tion. This allows the wheels to flut­ter through ter­rain like a tro­phy truck storm­ing through a set of whoops.

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