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Dropper Seat Post Headquarters in Vermont

A dropper seat post is one of the most sought after bike parts and accessories in bike shops right now. They have become standard equipment on many new bikes, and are a welcome upgrade to your existing ride. Dropper seat posts allow your seat post to telescope and drop your saddle out of your normal riding position. Originally, they came on to the scene in the 80’s, but have recently gained popularity with the mountain biking world for many reasons.¬†Although most riders use it to lower their center of gravity on the fly for steep descents, that’s not their only use.

A large selection of dropper seat posts in stock at Alpine Bike Works, your dropper seat post headquarters in Vermont.

Choosing the proper dropper seat post

It is important to get the best dropper seat post for your bike and your build. Dropper seat posts come in four standard seat tube diameters. 30.9mm and 31.6mm are the most popular and 27.2mm and 34.9mm are also available. In addition to seat tube diameter, you need to determine the overall length of the post and length of travel you need. Dropper seat posts are available in three lengths of travel: 100mm, 125mm and 150mm. As the length of travel increases, so does the overall length of the dropper. A dropper can only telescope in as far as the bike frame size will allow. In addition, there are minimum insertion requirements, so you need to make sure that the length of the dropper post is appropriate for your bike. Most dropper seat posts these days offer infinite adjustment, meaning they can be adjusted to any position within the length of the post. Some do come with preset drop positions though.

Giant dropper seat post at your dropper seat post headquarters in Vermont - Alpine Bike Works.

Most seat posts use a hydraulic mechanism to raise and lower your saddle. Then there is either a hydraulic, mechanical or electronic device that actuates that mechanism. There are non-remote options available, offering a lever on the dropper post directly under your saddle to acuate the mechanism. But, most are mechanically actuated, using a braided steel cable that runs from a remote to your post. Remotes are typically located on your handlebars and the the cable/hose is then routed either internally or externally to the dropper. There are many dropper seat post reviews available for you to do your own research. If you are unsure which dropper seat post is appropriate for your bike, we can help you determine.

Giant dropper seat post with remote.
The dropper remote is positioned by the rider’s left hand.

The largest selection of dropper seat posts

We’ve got the largest selection of dropper seat posts in Central Vermont. Alpine Bike Works has the following dropper seat posts in stock:

  • KS LEV Integra Dropper: 31.6 and 30.9 diameter; 100mm, 125mm, 150mm travel
  • Fox Transfer Dropper: 31.6 diameter; 100mm, 125mm 150mm travel
  • Giant Contact SL Switch Dropper: 30.9 diameters 100mm, 125mm, 150mm travel

We also stock the following dropper seat post remotes:

  • Race Face Turbine remotes
  • Fox Transfer remotes
Giant dropper seat post
A Giant dropper seat post installed on a bike.

We sell, install and service dropper seat posts

Most dropper seat post installs take an hour or less. So,depending on the time of year, installations may be able to be done ‘while you wait’. Refer to our services page for installation and repair rates. And if your Giant dropper seat post needs to be repaired or replaced and it will take longer than a day, we will give you a loaner dropper seat post to use until you get yours back.


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