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Giant Right Ride Bike Fitting

Alpine Bike Works is proud to offer professional bike fitting using the Giant Right Ride system – one of the most respected methods in the cycling industry. With the Giant Right Ride Bike Fitting system, you can rest assured that you new bicycle will be the right fit for you. We offer a complete bike fit session with one of our Right Ride fit specialists with every new or used bike purchased at Alpine Bike Works.

Right Bike

Bike fit specialist asking bike rider questions during a Giant Right Ride Bike Fitting

If you are purchasing a new bicycle, your Giant Right Ride Bike Fitting session starts with a series of questions, including your preferred riding style. With those questions answered we can help you determine which bicycle is ideal for you and where you like to ride.

Right Size

Bike fit specialist with rider during initial assessment of a Giant Right Ride Bike Fitting

After the questions are out of the way, or if you’ve already chosen a new bike, we’ll measure your height and inseam to determine your bike size. Once we determine what bike is best for you, we will adjust the Giant Right Ride Bike Fit simulator to that exact bike and size.

Right Fit

Bike fit specialist measuring rider during a Giant Right Ride Bike Fitting

From there, we’ll evaluate you knee, trunk, and shoulder angles and recommend specific adjustments on the simulator to dial in you best fit for comfort and performance. Right Ride and our fit specialists will ensure an overall body position that is customized to you.

Bike fit specialist analyzing riders position during a Giant Right Ride Bike Fitting

This includes your optimal saddle position and stem length, as well as you ideal arm reach, upper body positioning and correct hip, knee and foot angles. We can even determine the precise placement of your cleats for pedaling.

Just for You

You’ll appreciate the efficiency of the Giant Right Ride process, with personalized results in an hour or less. After the Giant Right Ride Bike Fitting is complete, we’ll set your new bike up to match the Right Ride calculations. it will give you your own tailored, customized fit.

Bike fit specialist analyzing data with rider from a Giant Right Ride Bike Fitting

That’s not all

Your initial bike fitting session is a great basis for all the riding you are going to do. But as your fitness and flexibility increases, your position could change. So after you’ve been riding a while on your new bike, stop back in. We’ll take another look at your position and make any adjustments as needed. Your fit is as important to us as it is to you!

We include a professional bike fitting with every bike purchased at Alpine Bike Works. Plus you get free adjustments for the life of the bike. Just another of the many first class services offered by Alpine Bike Works that set us apart from the rest.

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