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Ibis Ripmo: The Best of Both Worlds

We’re pretty excited about the all new Ibis Ripmo. Half Ripley LS, half Mojo HD4 – It’s the best of both worlds. It’s a long travel 29er with 145mm of rear and 160mm of front travel. The most versatile mountain bike Ibis has ever built.

The Ibis Ripmo is unique in the sense that even though it has bigger wheels, it still behaves like its smaller wheeled bro the Mojo HD4 when you want it to. On trail it rides like a Ripley LS until you point it downhill. That’s when you realize you are on a long travel bike.

The All-New Ibis Ripmo 5

Ibis Ripmo facts

  • 29” Wheels
  • 145mm dw-link rear travel
  • 160mm front travel
  • 2.6” tire clearance
  • Carbon fiber front and rear triangle
  • Available in sizes S – XL, fits riders between 5’ and 6’6”
  • Frame weight from: 5 lbs / 2.26 kg without shock or 6 lbs / 2.72 kg with Fox DPX2
  • Complete builds from 28.1 lbs
  • Fox DPX2 is standard shock, Fox Float X2 is an optional upgrade


Ibis Ripmo Details

Bushings, not bearings

The all new Ibis Ripmo uses bushings where you need them and bearings where you don’t. Bushings work best in applications with high loads and minimal rotation, two things ball bearing don’t like. That’s why suspension manufacturers use them for shock mounting hardware and why Ibis has used them for the past five years on their Ripley, Mojo HD3 and Mojo HD4 clevises.

High loads and minimal rotation describe the Ibis Ripmo lower link pivots so they have introduced a new link featuring IGUS bushings. The new link is 80g lighter than its ball bearing equipped equivalent, while also being torsionally stiffer. The bushings are shielded from spray and protected with airtight seals and will last a long time. Ibis believes so strongly in the IGUS bushings, they are offering free lifetime replacement.

Ibis Ripmo: The Best of Both Worlds 1

Long dropper post

The Ibis Ripmo frame is designed around a 175mm post (150mm on small), although riders with longer inseams can get away with a 185mm or 200mm post. That clearance gives you the flexibility to pick frame size based on reach, not standover height.

And while we are talking about standover height, just like the Ripley LS, the Ibis Ripmo is available in a size small. The size small frame has a crazy low standover height of just 705mm. That’s less than 28 inches! Typically no woman around 5 feet tall could get a long travel 29” wheel enduro bike. Until now. The size small frames are handmade in house in Santa Cruz, California and are THE ANSWER for shorter, hard-charging lady riders.

Tire clearance

With a bike as versatile as the Ripmo, you should be able to run whatever tires you want. That’s why Ibis gave this powerhouse 2.6” of tire clearance. All complete bikes ship with 2.5” tires, but you can easily upgrade to 2.6” tires if you prefer. Ibis pioneered the wide rim revolution, and is partial to the new crop of 2.6” tires. Pair a 2.6” tire with 35mm rims and you can run at eerily low pressures, delivering more traction without getting squirrely.


The Ibis Ripmo also marks a dramatic shift in their approach to geometry. The reach is nearly an inch longer than the Mojo HD4, with clearance for a 170mm dropper, and a pedal-friendly 76 degree seat tube angle. The end result is a bike that’s ready to rally, while still maintaining lively handling.

By experimenting with seat tube angles and fork offset, Ibis has been able to push the limits of the “longer and slacker” trend to create the ultimate one bike quiver that can take you from all-mountain trail riding with your girlfriend during the week to enduro with the boys on the weekend.

The All-New Ibis Ripmo geometry chart

By making the seat tube angle a steep 76 degrees it puts more weight over the front tire. This keeps the front end from wandering or washing out. Moving the seat tube forward also required pushing the front end forward to keep the top tube numbers static, resulting in the longer reach. In addition to the steep seat tube, the Ibis Ibis Ripmo geometry enables a new level of confidence and speed, bringing the stability of the EWS Team Championship winning Mojo HD4 to 29” wheels. For more information read: MTBR’s Bike Overview: Ibis Ripmo First Look

One bike quiver

The all new Ibis Ripmo is a true multi-purpose one bike quiver bike. You can truly ride it anywhere. From your local cross country network to the DH park. Ride it at Pine Hill Park with your wife and then take it to Killington to session Goats Skull with the boys. You won’t be disappointed. As Bike Magazine put it in their First Look, “this bike came to party”.

Frame only with the Fox DPX2 shock is $2999. Fully built bikes start at about $4000. Both SRAM and Shimano builds are available. The Ripmo is available in tangerine sky and black olive and with five different build packages ranging from NX to XX1. We’ve got a black olive size large Ibis Ripmo X01 Eagle build with 942 Carbon Wheels in stock now. Stop on down and check it out!

Ibis Ripmo: The Best of Both Worlds 2

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