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Our Brands: Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz has been building quality bicycles since 1994

Santa Cruz manufactures a wide range of high-performance bicycles for true cycling enthusiasts. Made from either carbon or aluminum, they cover everything from hardtails to 8.5″ travel downhill machines. Santa Cruz carbon bikes are produced in their exclusive manufacturing facility, and they use their advanced VPP (Virtual Pivot Point) technology on all fun suspension models. Santa Cruz bikes are available with a wide range of components and suspension options to choose from, each hand-assembled to order in their California factory. They also produce a full range of high-end bicycles for women under the Juliana brand name. Juliana is the original women’s mountain bike and Santa Cruz’s sister brand.

Santa Cruz also produces high-end Reserve carbon wheels which have set a new standard for strength and reliability. All of their frames and Reserve wheels come with a lifetime warranty. Every one of the bikes created is a product of their desire to ride an build the highest quality bikes in the world. And for Santa Cruz, that means bicycles and components that are reliable, durable, long-lasting, serviceable and backed with a guarantee that reinforces their belief that they have made the best product possible.

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Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in Santa Cruz, California by skateboarding legend, Rob Roskopp. Their first bike, the Tazmon, was a single pivot dual suspension bike that rattled established sensibilities. At the time full suspension bikes were far from the norm, and a “do-it-all” bike with rear suspension (an all-mountain bike, today) was considered highly irregular. But Rob wasn’t tied to following trends or being told how to think. Instead he could see that full-suspension was an innovation whose time had come. And ever since, Santa Cruz has tried to build bikes that allow riders to go further, faster and higher for longer.

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These high quality bikes are now available in Killington, Vermont at Alpine Bike Works.

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