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The 40th Anniversary Ibis

Hey Ibis fans, we have something incredible in this week from Ibis! In celebration of their 40th anniversary Ibis has just released the Exie 2021, and we were able to get our hands on #3 out of 40 bikes made in total. So basically we have our hands on a rare artifact or precious gem in bike form.

While we’re tempted to lock the bike behind a display glass and start up a museum exhibit, the bike is currently for sale (as of 8/3/2021) and it’s proudly displayed on our showroom floor. And boy is this one turning heads. Ibis really nailed this one. It looks rough around the edges, as the creators stripped it down to only the bare essentials, making it the lightest Ibis ever made.

The 40th Anniversary Ibis 6

But let’s take that term, ‘rough’ with a few large pinches of salt, because the rough exterior is cosmetically pleasing next to its colorful design and orange Ibis font, the glittering Titanium Cane Creek Cranks, and the absolutely power-hungry Shimano XTR build that makes this beast tear up the trails.

We’re proud to be one of the few hosts of this instant legend of a bike, and want to send out a congratulations and huge shoutout to Ibis for 40 years, and celebrating that time with an absolute knockout build!

The 40th Anniversary Ibis 7

Click here to watch our youtube video on the Exie!


Here’s some more info from Ibis on the build.



The Exie is a World-Cup capable cross-country race bike that flat-out shreds. With a sub-2,000g (4.4lb) frame weight and dw-link suspension, it offers a stunning combination of pedaling efficiency and downhill performance. It was designed, built, and test­ed it in our Santa Cruz factory.



This is the first carbon fiber full suspension bike we have manufactured entirely in house. It is the culmination of a seven year project to rethink every aspect of the process.

The Exie is the lightest bike we’ve ever produced. It is over a pound lighter than a Ripley, while not sacrificing any pedaling efficiency or features in the pursuit of weight savings.


In honor of our 40th anniversary, the first 40 units shipped with an ultra-light limited edition build kit that was hand-picked by our CEO Hans Heim. Production units will begin shipping in late August.




The 40th Anniversary Ibis The 40th Anniversary Ibis 1 The 40th Anniversary Ibis 2


Photos by @LearMiller

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