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The All-New Ibis Ripley is Here!

The new Ibis Ripley is in-stock NOW at Alpine Bike Works! It’s still the same snappy, flickable, playful, fast, lightweight and versatile 29″ trail bike it’s always been, EXCEPT BETTER.

When Ibis debuted the category-bending Ripley back in 2011, it was used by some as a cross country rocket and by others as a trail shredder. With quick agile handling and super efficient pedaling characteristics, it felt like a BMX bike you could pedal all day. Ibis pro athletes quickly discovered just how versatile it could be. While Brian Lopes was racing an O.G. Ripley to a top fifteen result at his first EWS race, others were winning hundred mile epics. As riders pushed the bike in different differections and components evolved, so did the Ripley.

The all new Ripley continues that trend. Ibis took everything they learned from the Ripmo, and used it to update the Ripley. This versatile 29″ trail bike is a combination of modern cutting-edge geometry, a stiff light carbon fiber chassis, and 120mm of ultra efficient dw-link travel.

The All-New Ibis Ripley is Here! 3

Longer, slacker, steeper

The new Ripley retains the 130mm of front travel and 120mm of ultra efficient dw-link rear travel as the original, but has been given a fresh dose of the longer, slacker and steeper treatment.

This Mini’Mo has been slackened out by one degree, to 66.5º. The seat tube has moved forward by three degrees, to 76º, which has pushed the reach out by ~45mm across all four sizes (S, M, L, & XL). Ibis also lopped 12mm from the chainstays, bringing them to a manual-happy 432mm. To go with its shreddy new style, the Ripley also receives more progressive suspension kinematics.

The All-New Ibis Ripley is Here! 1

With this well-balanced modern geometry, the Ripley is ready for any adventure. The long front end, slack head angle, and short rear end gives you the confidence to try new lines, while the steep seat tube angle and shorter offset fork make it easy to maneuver technical climbs and flowy singletrack.

All new chassis

The All-New Ibis Ripley is Here!

Whether you order an XTR or NX kit, you’ll get the same premium carbon fiber frame. All Ibis bikes are built from the highest grade materials and optimized for the best strength, weight, stiffness and ride performance.

To make the new v4 Ripley compatible with the new crop of long dropper posts, Ibis removed the dual eccentric on Ripley v1 – v3. While the dual eccentric offered an efficient pedaling platform and supple suspension feel, it took up valuable real estate in the seat tube. This transitioned the Ripley chassis into an all new Ripmo inspired chassis. In the process, they significantly reduced frame weight and increased stiffness. By switching to the Ripmo inspired linkage, Ibis shaved half a pound off the frame. Without shock, this frame weighs just five pounds, yet shares similar stiffness to the Ripmo. Complete builds start at just under 26 pounds. And, like all Ibis frames and wheels, the Ripley is backed by Ibis’ seven year warranty.

The details

The bikes are sized small to xlarge, but their extra low standoffs and clearance for long droppers give you the ability to size based on reach. The Ripley offers 170mm dropper post clearance across most sizes (125mm on the small). So riders from 5′ to 6’6″ tall are guaranteed an optimal fit.

The All-New Ibis Ripley is Here! 7

Instead of the traditional 51mm fork offset on v1 – v3, the new Ripley uses a 44mm fork offset. This gives you the stability of a slacker head angle while retaining the BMX-like feel of, well…a Ripley! For those of you that loved the 51mm offset of the old Ripley, you can still put a 51mm offset fork on the new Ripley if you want, but we don’t know why you would want to. That will shorten the trail (the distance between the contact patch and the the steering axis) which can cause the front end to feel less stable. (forks with 51mm offset sold separately, not available as an option on any of the builds)

The All-New Ibis Ripley is Here! 5

Other nice things

Ibis pioneered the wide rim revolution a few years ago and inspired a new crop of wider 2.4″ – 2.6″ tires. When paired together, this combo can be run at ultra low pressures that produce elbow dragging cornering traction without sacrificing speed.

There’s some cool trick internal cable routing. Internal cable routing used to be a pain in the ass but Ibis’ internal tubes now make routing easy. The bike looks clean, and cables are protected. Additionally, there’s also a removable polycarbonate skid plate to protect your downtube from sharp pointy things. The new Ripley also offers 1x specific design.  Plus removable ISCG 05 tabs for chain guide mounting compatibility.

The All-New Ibis Ripley is Here! 4

Builds and Price

The new Ibis Ripley is available in 2 colors, Blue Steel (is that a Zoolander reference?!?!?) and Matte Braaap. There are 6 builds – NX, GX, XT, X01, XX1 and XTR. MSRP ranges from $4099 – $9399. Optional upgrades available on the NX through X01 builds.

If you love the Ripmo but want something lighter, faster and more nimble than an Enduro World Series capable mountain bike, the Ripley is it. With its combination of modern geometry, progressive suspension, light weight, and 2.6” tire clearance, the Ripley is Ibis’ ultimate trail bike.

The all-new Ibis Ripley is in stock at Alpine Bike Works now. Stop in and check it out today!

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