Killington Ski Bike: Ski Diva Approved

This past week The Ski Diva, Wendy Clinch, paid a visit to Killington Ski Bike to try ski biking for herself. Wendy was tons of fun. As you can hear in this video, she laughed, hooted an hollered the whole … Read More

Ski Biking With Darin’ Erin of FOX44

Recently, Sport Director, Erin Cofiell of Local FOX44 News spent the afternoon ski biking with Killington Ski Bikes at Killington Resort. After a short lesson on the bunny hill with Alpine Bike Works Manager, Andrew Berlow, she was riding the lift and racing Andrew down the hill.… Read More

Ski Biking is Fun for Everyone!

Experience the latest craze to hit the slopes…ski biking! Anyone can do it. Ski bikes are easy to use and intuitive to learn quickly.… Read More

Things to do in Killington, Vermont

Don’t let sub-zero temperatures keep you away from all winter activities There are other things to do in Killington besides skiing – rent a fat bike! Winter is here and true to form, Mother Nature is throwing another curve ball … Read More

Let’s Talk About Fat Bikes

Welcome to the Fat Bike Vermont Blog! Thanks for visiting our website and reading our blog.  Through this blog we plan to share our passion for fat bikes, inspiration from the fat biking community, trends we’re loving right now and tips … Read More