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Year of the Bike Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to Carrie Pill of Rutland for winning our Year of the Bike Photo Contest. Her entry was not only a great photo, but the photo was of a great piece of artwork that she made. Carrie’s is an artist. As an artist, she works in many mediums, but for this piece of art she chose to work with natural elements that would compliment her surroundings. Her super creative entry is a picture of an Alpine Bike Works logo that she made out of leaves and birch bark. It is perfectly placed at the base of a mossy tree with the trail and her (old) bike in the background.

Year of the Bike Photo Contest Winner 1

Carrie originally posted her photo to Instagram, where hundreds of people voted for their favorite photos. In the period of June 3 to August 31, it was one of the top four liked photos on Instagram using the hashtag #abwbike4ayear. On September 1, those top four Instagram favorites were shared to Facebook for an additional round of voting by the general public. In the end, thanks to Carrie’s amazing artistry and keen promotion skills, Carrie’s awesome entry was rewarded with the most Facebook votes…and a new Giant Bike! 

A Giant Bike for a year

Carrie stopped by the shop this week to pick up her new 2018 Giant Trance 3 to ride for the next year. She was beyond excited. We’re excited too. She immediately headed out to put it through the paces on some of our local trails. If you see this happy smiling face on this bright green bike around the Rutland-Killington-Pittsfield-Woodstock area trails be sure to congratulate her. Can’t wait to see where this next year takes her and her new bike. We are looking forward to following her bicycling adventures on social media.

Year of the Bike Photo Contest Winner

If you are in Rutland this weekend (October 7 – 8), be sure to stop by Art in the Park to see Carrie and more of her amazing artwork (and find out how she likes her new bike)!


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