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Let’s Talk About Fat Bikes

Let's Talk About Fat Bikes

Welcome to the Fat Bike Vermont Blog!

Thanks for visiting our website and reading our blog.  Through this blog we plan to share our passion for fat bikes, inspiration from the fat biking community, trends we’re loving right now and tips to help you ride your best.  We plan to keep you on top of everything to do with fat bikes and snow bikes, as well as make sure that you are in the loop on all things Fat Bike Vermont.

We aspire to provide an interesting, easy and convenient way for you to learn, stay informed, network – and (most importantly) get inspired to ride!

We’d love for you to join the conversation.  If you have an opinion on something you’ve read here or have a topic you’d like to see – feel free to click on “Leave a Comment” and share your thoughts.

Thanks & Enjoy!

Tony and the crew at Fat Bikes Vermont


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