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Green Mountain Power eBike Rebate Available

Green Mountain Power eBike Rebate Available 1

Buy a Giant or Liv eBike and get a $200 instant rebate from Green Mountain Power

Saving money on an electric bicycle is easy when you are a Green Mountain Power (GMP) customer. Green Mountain Power customers can get an instant $200 rebate when you buy a new Liv or Giant eBike at Alpine Bike Works in Killington. Ride farther, ride faster, and amp up the fun factor with an electric bike from Alpine Bike Works and an instant rebate from GMP.

Green Mountain Power eBike Rebate Available 4

Why buy an eBike

An electric-charged, battery-powered eBike is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Just one electric bicycle represents a reduction of about 968 pounds of carbon dioxide. And when you charge it up with Green Mountain Power’s 90% carbon free/60% renewable power, you are being even more socially responsible. GMP is creating reliable, clean and cost-effective power through an energy system that is becoming more resilient in the face of climate change. Through this program, GMP wants to help you to do your part to fight global warming.

Who benefits from an electric bicycle

E-Bikes still require you to pedal the bike, if you don’t pedal, you won’t go anywhere. It is not like an old gas-powered moped, that did not require pedaling once it was started. The lightweight electric motor just gives you an assist when needed. With an electric bike you can go farther, or faster making your daily commute or errands around town both easier and greener! E-Bikes have unlimited potential for many riders. E-Bikes are ideal for:

  • Commuting. Don’t bother rearranging the family cars in the driveway to get yours out to go to work. Hop on your eBike and zip to work with ease. Not only will you get to work without the stress of sitting in traffic, but you will also get your daily workout in too! Multi-tasking at it’s best. Now you have more time after work to spend with your family or out in the yard.
  • Fitness. A common misconception about eBikes is that you don’t have to pedal. The reality is, if you don’t pedal, you don’t go anywhere. You can choose to ride the bike without assistance or adjust the amount of assistance you need based on the terrain or distance you are riding.
  • Recovering from injury. An eBike can be key for someone recovering from an injury. If you have a leg, knee or other injury that has reduced your strength or range of motion an electric bicycle can give you the assistance you need to recover sooner with very little stress on your body.
  • Riding with others of different ability levels. If riding with your spouse or friends is not as fun as it should be because you or your spouse rides at a different speed than the rest of the group, an eBike will allow you to enjoy riding together at a similar pace.
  • Extending your range. Looking to extend the range of your typical ride? An eBike can help extend the range of your rides by giving you the confidence and assist to make it happen. It can take your 15 mile ride to a 30 mile ride with comfort and ease because you know you’ve got the power assist to use if and when it’s needed.

Green Mountain Power eBike Rebate Available 6

E-bike rebate eligibility

This program is designed to increase adoption of electric bicycles in Vermont. It benefits the state by reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The following conditions apply:

  • Rebate is available on all electric bicycles with a pretax price greater than $500 that are purchased with intent to use for trips that might have otherwise been taken by automobile.
  • This rebate is only for GMP customers with active accounts.
  • Copy of the GMP bill, customer number and proof-of-address within the GMP service territory must be presented at the dealership at the time of purchase.
  • Offer is valid on transactions completed between May 8, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

Green Mountain Power eBike Rebate Available 5

Available eBike models

At Alpine Bike Works we stock new and demo Liv and Giant eBikes. Discover a whole new way to ride on a Liv or Giant electric bicycle. Whether you’re looking for a new way to commute or aiming to extend your road or mountain bike rides, there’s a Giant or Liv E-bike for you. Giant offers the Road E+ Pro, Giant Quick E+, LaFree E+, Toughroad E+ GX, Explore E+, Fathom E+, Trance E+ SX Pro, Trance E+ Pro and Stance E+. From Liv there is the Amiti E+, Embolden E+ and Intrigue E+ available. Not all models available are currently showing in our website inventory. Stop by and test ride a new Giant or Liv electric bicycle today!

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