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Bicycle adjustments

Is something about your bicycle’s performance not quite right?  Shifting erratic?  New squeak, creak or groan?   How do you know if your bike is broken, or if all it needs is a simple adjustment? After all, parts do wear out, and things can get bent or knocked out of alignment, especially on mountain bikes.

A Team Member Adjusts a Derailleur


Having a breakdown while riding can be frustrating and often results in a long walk home. Breakdowns can often be avoided with proper preventative maintenance, and often what seems like a big problem can easily be remedied by making a small adjustment.  When you purchase a bike from  Alpine Bike Works, you get free adjustments to your bicycle for life!*

Define “adjustments”?

The Cambridge dictionary defines an adjustment as a slight change made to something to make it fit, work better, or be more suitable, or the act of making such a change”.

What is included with free adjustments?  

We will adjust the derailleur (s), brakes, dropper post cable, suspension sag, cockpit, and tire pressure, all while you wait!  (For a full list of adjustments provided for free for any of our customers who have purchased a new or used bike, see the adjustments info below.)*

Why do we offer free this service?  

We know that something as simple as a turn or two of your cable barrel adjuster can be the difference between a good riding experience and a lousy one, and investing a few minutes on our end can make all the difference. Also, when we see your bike regularly for adjustments, we have a better chance of catching a minor issue before it becomes a major one,  avoiding downtime and expense.


Here are some tips to get you thinking about the differences between repairs and adjustments. Understanding the difference can save you frustration and money.

Compared to other companies that charge up to $75.00 for adjustments, we offer free adjustments to customers who have purchased either new or used bikes from us for as long as they own their bike. We’ve waived this fee simply because we believe that a bicycle, which is operating properly is critical to one’s riding experience. But there is a big difference between an adjustment and a repair job, and knowing the difference can give one a better idea of what steps to take to make sure your bike is in the best condition to hit the road.

Adjustment VS. Repair

Adjustment 1


Bike services or repairs can be defined as any work done on your bike relating to broken or worn parts, scheduled maintenance preventative maintenance. Examples of repairs are replacing bottom brackets, replacing worn brake pads, bleeding brakes, servicing or rebuilding suspension components, tune up, etc. .

Adjustment 3
Give us a call at 802-773-0000 with questions.

 FYI:  If you need a tune-up or repair, bring in your bike and we will add it to our service queue. All service repairs run on a first-come, first-served basis. We only accept appointments for adjustments on new or used bikes purchased by our customers, however, we strive for a fast turnaround, and can often accommodate emergencies. See our website for more info on services at https://www.alpinebikeworks.com/articles/bike-repair-service-pg175.htm.


  • Bike adjustments included:

Adjust  shifting

Adjust Brakes

Adjust  Dropper Posts

Adjust the Suspension

Minor Wheel True






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