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Ski Biking is Fun for Everyone!

Ski biking with Killington Ski Bikes.Experience the latest craze to hit the slopes…ski biking! This fun sport combines the thrill of skiing with the flow of snowboarding and the ease of mountain biking. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be an expert at snowsports, or an avid cyclist to have a good time on a ski bike. Ski bikes are easy to use and intuitive to learn quickly. Ski biking is perfect for anyone who:

  • has knee or hip issues that prevent them from skiing
  • doesn’t know how to ski but wants to be out on the slopes with friends (without hours of expensive lessons)
  • enjoys snow sports but doesn’t have the time to ski often enough to get good enough to be comfortable on the hill
  • is looking for a fun, new way to conquer the slopes

Join your skiing friends for a weekend on the snow, whether you ski or not! Rent a ski bike at Killington Resort so you can be right there on the hill with them too.

How it works

Killington Ski Bikes is operated by Alpine Bike Works at Killington Resort. All reservations go through Killington Resort.

  • Choose the day(s) you would like to go ski biking.
  • Choose what size ski bike you would like (S, M or L – see “Ski Biking Gear” below)
  • Call 1-800-621-6867 or go to the Killington Resort Central Reservations web page to make a reservation.
  • Show up at the Snowshed Base Lodge Sales Center by 9 am (morning session or full day) or 1 pm (afternoon session) on the day of your reservation to pick up your tickets and rentals.
  • Complete your orientation. Orientation sessions start at 9:15 am and 1:15 pm and take 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Hit the slopes.

Ski biking availability

Killington Ski Bikes is open from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all season long as well as on peak dates in season. Peak dates are December 23, 2017 – January 1, 2018, January 13-15, 2018 and February 17-25, 2018.

Ski bikes are available for half-day and full-day rentals. Half-day rentals are from 9am – noon (orientation at 9:15 am) or 1pm – 4pm (orientation at 1:15 pm). Full day rentals are 9am – 4pm (orientation at 9:15 am). There are a limited number of ski bikes. Reservations are strongly suggested. “Walk-ons” accepted without a reservation, when availability permits.

Prior to being turned loose on the slopes, you will need to do a short orientation session on the “learn to ski hill” to learn how to use the ski bikes. The orientation sessions take 15 – 30 minutes and start 15 minutes after the session start time. So, 9:15 am for morning or full rentals and 1:15 pm for afternoon rentals. Please arrive on time (or early) for your rental to guarantee you get maximum time on the bike. Once you have completed the orientation you are able to take the ski bikes anywhere you want to go on Snowshed and Ramshead (except the terrain park). Ski bikes are not permitted in the terrain parks.

Ski biking gear

For ski biking at Killington Resort, we use a Type 1 ski bike made by Brenter. This type of snow bike has a front and rear ski and requires the use of foot skis on both of your feet. Foot skis help you to glide on the snow to get on and off the lift. They also help with balance and braking for beginners while ski biking. Snow bikes are lightweight, they weigh less than 20 pounds. This makes them easy to carry and handle.

Ski bikes are available in small, medium and large sizes. If you are 5’3″ or shorter, reserve a size small bike. If you are 5’4″ – 5’10” reserve a medium bike. If you are over 5’11” reserve a large ski bike.

How to dress

To go ski biking you will dress as you would for any outdoor winter activity. All you need is three main articles of clothing. A warm jacket, snow pants or some sort of weather resistant pants (although jeans could work too with a base layer underneath) and gloves or mittens.

For your feet, you will need sturdy winter boots, or ski or snowboard boots. Ski or snowboard boots are preferred. If you do not have them, your Killington Ski Bike rental does include them. Your ski bike rental also includes a helmet. These helmets are warm and comfortable, so no additional hats are needed. If you want to wear a thin liner hat under the helmet for extra warmth you can, but thick hats and hats with pom poms will not work. Also, please do not wear long scarves.

Ski biking orientation with Killington Ski Bikes.

Ski biking is the ultimate crossover sport. You can enjoy cruising down mellow runs or carving new paths through the powder. They are fun for everyone. Make a reservation now and get in on the fun!








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